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May 28th: Eco School Workshop

open School 体験入学のコピーのコピー.png

Classes began April 10, 2023!

おめでとうございます to all of the new students!

Ecology Gardening Tour

Now welcoming Kindergarten students!

In the schools of the future classes are studios that combine developmentally appropriate levels and encourage peer learning and leadership.


Did you know that 5, 6 and 7 year olds learn best through guided play and hands-on learning? 


We are now welcoming kindergarten students into our lower Elementary class studio!

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Art Camp was fun with art, friends and creativity in English.

Many families asked, is afterschool possible even if my child does not attend Hinoki Academy?


Arts and Crafts

When people ask what the aim of education is,
I eagerly assert that the true aim of education is to create a truly free person. 
What is freedom? 
…If we were living and growing up within God's power
and the power of man in the original form of God's creation, 
we would be free people.

— Motoko Hani 
Japanese Educational Reformer,

Christian Feminist and Journalist

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