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Our Location

We are excited to announce our innovative start-up location for the  Hinoki Academy learning community serving elementary and middle-school age students in Oita, Japan!



We are now located at the foot of the beautiful Mt. Ryozen by the Nanase River. We are only a 15 minute walk from Tokiwa Wasada Town Mall.

Daily recess and outdoor learning will take place at the Mitsuyoshiwanpaku Park.


Nearby traditional urban farms give students a daily connection to what is growing. 

Respect for the past...

Our beautiful inside space features natural light, real wood and traditional tatami. It is a fusion of old and new. 

The strength of Japanese people has been cultivated through culture, traditions and strong communities.

45FCED96-1EFA-470D-9275-0493DD913943_1_201_a.heic for the future.

Design&Tech Studio

Graphic design, web design, research, app creation, and short-film animation. 


The upper elementary and middle-school students will embark on the joyful adventure of building what is in their minds, working as a team, and finding ways for their creations and storytelling to meaningfully change the world.


Learn and Grow

Our partnership with a local home garden will allow students the opportunity to plant, care for and harvest their own food. In the classroom they will then prepare and eat what they grow throughout the year.

Nature Park

Once a week we go to nearby Nanasegawa Nature Park. Students enjoy sports, nature journaling, handicrafts and exploration.

-- We are accepting students --

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