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Our application process:

(1) Fill out the online application form below.

(2) Student comes for an interview in Japanese and English

(The interview is not an exam, but an opportunity to get to know you.)

(3) Student is accepted into the Hinoki Academy learning community.



Lower Elementary K-3 grade

*The emphasis is on Japanese and English literacy and a foundation for joyful learning.


Upper Elementart 3-6 grade

*The emphasis is on problem solving and creative thinking, synthesizing information.


Middle-School 7-9 grade

*The 2023-2024 school year will consist of Japanese and English tutoring and self-study in the morning and interdisciplinary Design&Tech projects in the afternoon.



Entrance Fee

40,000 Yen


40,000 Yen/month

Transportation and lunch are additional costs.


Scholarship Program

We have available scholarships from partner ACSI schools.

Partial and Full Scholarships are available for:

—Christian families (Christian parent or grandparent)

—Children that want to attend but cannot afford it



Scholarships are limited. Please inquire soon!



Monday-Thursday our school is located at:

870-1143 大分県大分市田尻104−3

104-3 Tajiri, Oita City, Oita

Recess will happen daily at the local park.

On Friday students will meet at the picnic tables at Nanasegawa Nature Park.

Transportation Options

In 2023-2024 the following transportation options will be available:

—Public Bus from Oita Station with assistance from our staff

—Organized Car Sharing (car pool) between parents and staff

--Parents can drive their students to the school drop off/pick up location.


By 2025 we hope to secure a school shuttle, if this is a popular option.

Are you ready to apply ? Click here to enroll!

Do you have questions?

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