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After School


The Hinoki

Are you ready for a Hinoki Academy experience?

Come join us for After School.

We offer classes, club activities, and tutoring for children in elementary school, as well as junior high school, high school, and adult ESL.


Our ESL Track allows students to grow academically in English while also using it experientially. For ESL students, half of each class is a 30-minute academic class matched to their level. The other half of each ESL lesson is 30-45 minutes of immersion in one of our club activities. 


Our club activities for elementary and junior high school children are a way to make friends, have a healthy, fun alternative to gaming after school, or learn some new skills. Club activities will be offered based on the season and interest. Students may change their club activity every six weeks to experience immersion in different types of activities.

Some potential club activities are:

--Picture books and book clubs

--Art based: drawing, art history, dance, and music

--Outdoor based: nature play, nature observation

--Healthy childhood play: outdoor play, board games

--Growing skills: cooking, baking, outdoor skills, creative and academic writing

--Academic: Science or History clubs

All students can attend once a week or come more frequently.

We also offer ESL classes for junior high students, high school students, and adults. These lessons will be based in conversation and quality reading. 

Please inquire if you are interested in private lessons, tutoring, or custom small group lessons in ESL, math, science, history, reading English, creative writing, or academic writing.

It will be first come first serve so please contact us soon!

Let’s Work Together

Tel: 090-6003-7611

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